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Interested in a personal outdoor
photo shoot of you, your family
or pets?
Contact Paul Sayegh, an outdoor photo enthusiasts who
excels at candid outdoor photography.  He can be contacted
Paul@Sayegh.me Here are some examples of his work.....

850 E Bidwell St.
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Center) Folsom, CA 95630
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You have an Aussie..........
You have a breed that's a little over 150 years old.
You have a breed that is the only herding stock dog originally bred in
America, and is truly American, being a great big melting pot of different
breeds to get what they wanted.
You have a breed that was bred to be able to herd one thousand sheep
with a few buddies and only one human shepherd.
You have an Aussie.
You have a breed that was bred for sheep but able to think and adjust to
herd ducks, geese, pig, chickens, and rabbits And each one herded
differently .
You have a breed that guarded all those sheep, ducks, geese, and
rabbits, so it made sure it kept it's eyes on you.
You have a breed that has guarding instincts as strong as it's herding
You have a breed that ranchers loved because if you needed something
done, it could do it.
You have an Aussie.
You have a breed that was known as early as 1860 for it's intelligence,
gentleness, loyalty and uncompromising courage and strength in the face
of danger.
You have a breed that was bred to have no trouble continually moving with
a comfortable lope all day. Every day.
You have a breed that doesn't care about the weather, and has worked
everywhere from Antarctica to the hot dry plains of Texas.
You have an Aussie.
You have a breed that is known for incredible energy and intelligence and
also being one of the most destructive dogs there is when those aren't
taken care of.
You have a breed that you thought you knew what it took to raise one, and
was still surprised. And still got another one.
You have a breed that has no problem running your home if they don't
think you are doing it right.
You have a breed that made the list of ten most high maintenance dogs.
And you weren't surprised.
You have a breed that you have actively talked people out of getting. And
laugh when non aussie owners say they can take care of it for a little while.

You have an Aussie and wouldn't trade it for the world.